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Super Chips S543865
Super Chips Flashpaq 5.7L Tuner for Chrysler & Dodge Cars
List Price: $586.00
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Detailed Description

Super Chips Flashpaq 5.7L Hemi Tuner for Chrysler & Dodge Cars

Increased Horsepower and Torque
Internet Updateable
Easy Installation
No Tools Necessary
Improved Fuel Economy
Optimized Driveability
Diagnostic Trouble Code Reading Capability

Update Tuner via the Internet for Latest Calibrations

Enhanced Shifting through reduction of Torque Management

Adjust Shift Points & Rev Limiter concurrently

Adjust Shift Firmness

Select Shifting with Gear Hold (Similar to Paddle Shifting)

Eliminate Speed Limiter

Recalibrate Speedometer for replacement Tire Sizes 17" to 37"

Choose either our 87 octane or 91 octane Performance Settings