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MSD 6421
MSD-6AL-2, W/2-STEP LIMIT Ignition Box
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Detailed Description

MSD 6421 MSD 6AL-2 ignition control. The MSD 6421 MSD 6AL-2 all new ignition control combines a new housing, new digital controls and more power in a sleek package. Inside the new cast aluminum housing you'll find an advanced micro-controller that manages the timing and rpm of the ignition. The spark output of the new box has been turned up to 535 volts of primary voltage with spark energy reaching up to 135 millijoules! The multiple sparks of the MSD 6AL-2 burn in the cylinder for 20 degrees of crnakshaft rotation to ensure complete combustion. Two more great features are the rev limits! There are two rev limiters. One for high end overrev protection and another you can activate off a clutch or transbrake to set a launch limit. This feature will help your car blast off the starting line! Adjustments are made via four rotary dials for 100 rpm increment control! The all new capactive discharge ignition will easily connect to nearly any 12-volt negative ground distributor system, even Hall-effect pickups. The ignition is supplied with wiring and vibration mounts for a complete installation. It's even compatible with 4, 6, and 8 cylinder engines.

Measures 7" long by 4" wide by 2" tall and weights 3 lbs. Spark energy is 135 MJ per spark. Primary voltage is 535 volts. Secondary voltage is 45,000 volts. RPM range is 12,500 rpm with 14.4 volts. Voltage required is 12-18 volts, negative ground. Spark serie duration is 20 degrees of crankshaft rotation.

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