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Jet Chips 68004
JET Power Control Unit Dodge Neon 96-up
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Detailed Description

The JET Power Control Unit for domestic compacts features the same power tuning technology found in JET performance chips and modules. The PCU is available for vehicles that either don't have clearance for a JET module to properly fit, or a vehicle computer that doesn't have a removable chip. The JET PCU is an inline tuning device that uses a 20 Mhz RISC microprocessor to optimize ignition spark advance and recalibrate the fuel maps for improved horsepower, torque, acceleration and throttle response. The face of the PCU features a LED readout and override switch. For best results use of 89 octane or better fuel is recommended. Also works well with aftermarket intake and exhaust systems, mass air sensors, TBI spacers, etc.

Gain up to 10 horsepower

Optimized ignition advance curves

Extensive recalibration of fuel maps

Improved throttle response