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Eagle CRS5472N3D
Eagle 2.0 Connecting Rod 3/8 Bolt Set of 4
List Price: $493.33
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You Save: $50.38 (10 %)

Detailed Description

This replaces the old Eagle Rod with 5/16 bolts which was capablile of 500 hp and the extreme rod was capable of 800hp with 5/16 bolts. Now the New 3/8 bolt Rod is capable of 1000 hp with proper tuning due to the redesign accorrding Allen at Eagle Specialty Products. The old 5/16 Rods will not longer be preduced for the Neon, only the new stronger 3/8 bolt rod. And the best part, the price remains the same as the old rods.

Eagle Neon Connecting Rods are heat treated, stress relieved, certified 4340 steel 2-piece forgings for increased strength. X-rayed, sonic tested, magna-fluxed, all surfaces 100% machined with extremely tight tolerances, bronze bushings for floating pins.

The 3-D design offers reduced weight with no sacrifice in strength. Uses ARP 2000 bolts.

Availability: Usually ships 7 to 10 days