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Clevite 77 MS2028P
Clevite 77 P-Series Main Bearing Set 2.0
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These are not to be confused with the standard passenger car and light truck parts for the same applications which also have a "P" suffix letter. These high performance parts have unique core part numbers different from the standard parts for the same application.

P-series parts are the oldest series of Clevite 77® High Performance Bearings. The rod bearings in this series typically have the greatest amount of eccentricity. Most rod bearings are available either with or without dowel holes for use in aluminum rods. Most P-series main sets are full grooved to maximize oil flow to the rod bearings. Both rods and mains have high crush for maximum retention and a reduced overlay thickness to prevent overlay fatigue sometimes referred to as hen tracking. Rod bearings use a hardened steel back for added strength and resistance to fretting. Extra clearance rod bearings are available for .001" additional clearance and select fitting.

Use the P-series rods where extremely high RPM's cause severe rod bore close in. This is typically indicated by nearly full parting line to parting line shaft contact with bearings having less eccentricity. Use P-series mains where higher eccentricity is desired to narrow bearing contact patterns and to provide increased oiling to rod bearings. Rod bearing oil starvation is typically indicated by polishing and smearing of the bearing surface possibly accompanied by discoloration predominantly concentrated at the axial center of the bearings.

This is a clevite main bearing set. It encludes 5 main bearing upper halves and 5 lower halves. (Note when using a 95 engine block order 2 sets, and use the upper halves from both sets)