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AF/X Computer 95 -99 Neon
(all engines and transmissions)
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Design Philosophy: All A/FX computers are designed using clean-sheet software. The fuel and spark maps and done using a state of the art load-type dynamometer and the best computer programmers and automotive engineers in the business. A/FX computers have the ability to adapt to new modifications as you make them. Add a new cam, drive at part-throttle for a few dozen miles, and the computer will learn the engine's revised airflow characteristics. Then, even at W.O.T. (in open-loop mode), the fuel-air mixture will be right on.

Result: maximum power, you go fast. With no loss of fuel economy or driveability! Many annoying factory-type drawbacks are upgraded.

This product sold by AFX Manufacturing is sold for off highway use only and is not legal for use on any pollution-controlled vehicle that will be used on a public highway. There is no warranty written, expressed or implied. User assumes all liability, risk and responsibility in using racing products.

Allow 2 to 3 weeks for delivery. All AFX Computers are custom order and can not be canceled after ordering and are not returnable.