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AF/X Firm Motor Mount Dodge Dart
AFX Dodge Dart Firm Motor Mount
List Price: $125.00
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Detailed Description

The AFX Firm Motor Mount for the Dodge Dart. This is built for serious racers. It improves shifting, no more power lost to engine torquing. Reduces wheel hop

(Does transmit limited engine vibration in chassis)

Testimonial: Semi-Rigid mount: Very little flex from drive train. Upon starting of the vehicle notice a little vibration and low resonate. Idle is very smooth and quiet. Again 1,000 – 1,500 RPM’s you get a little more vibration and sound does resonate more so than idle. At 2,000 – 6,500 RPM’s very smooth. Upon launch again no wheel hop. The shift from 1st to 2nd smooth just like the rigid mount. I drove this mount home and around town and highway. Still smooth, the only issue that I don’t believe to be huge is sound if you are pulling a hill at low RPM’s with the motor under load sound and vibration become noticeable. Acceleration to deceleration very responsive, no banging and jerking as you get with stock mount.

Availability: Usually ships 7 to 10 days