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Accel 150
Accel Fuel Injectors all sizes
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Detailed Description

High-impedance design to function properly. Utilize a precision-ground Bosch-style pintle design which produces a wide-angle conical spray pattern of 150 micron diameter droplets, providing an ultra-fine fuel atomization and maximum emulsification for improved burn efficiency. 100% Flow tested, balanced and matched to within +/- 1.5% of their nominal pound/flow rating. Anti-pluging vapor cap design virtually eliminates carbon build up. Retro fitting to early style electrical connectors required on some models. These use a standard Bosch style electrical connector. Most cars after mid-year 97 require you change the connector. Low-mass internal needle valve and high-pressure spring assembly ensure faster response time and greater dramatic response range.

Sold Individually. If you have 4 cylinder purchase 4, if you have an 8 purchase 8

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