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Howell Automotive bottomendkit
2.0 Performance Bottom end Kit
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Kit Includes: Rod & main Bearing Set .Total Seal Piston Rings As a normal ring wears, the gap opens up, allowing more combustion gases to escape (blow-by). The Total Seal Gapless® ring solves the problem. Its patented design incorporates a two-part interlocking ring that closes off the gap and provides a better or improved seal between the piston and cylinder. As the Total Seal ring wears, the gap stays sealed, even after dozens of grueling races. Blow-by is a thief. It steals power, it shortens the lubrication life of the crankcase oil, it causes parts to wear out prematurely, and it continues to reduce the power as the ring gap increases in size. Big deal? Yes it is. It is why Total Seal Inc. developed the only true Gapless® piston ring. The Gapless® ring consists of two pieces, a ring and a rail. The rail has neutral tension and the ring provides the tension for the rail. The ring is taper faced and protrudes initially beyond the rail. When the ring seats on the cylinder that rail makes contact and the design allows no leak or path for blow-by. Because the ring is machined to have a step to accept the rail, making it lower tension and the rail is a neutral tension rail receiving it's tension from the ring, it is a low tension 2nd ring. The Gapless® piston ring is so constructed that the blow-by is reduced to 2% or less and remains at this basic level throughout the the life of the ring set. Knowing this it is obvious that the oil runs cooler, is not contaminated, does not need changing as often, does not loose it's lubricating ability, and actually permits longer more durable engine life in engines used for all purposes. Gases passing though the top ring are stopped by the Gapless® ring rather than allowing the gas to continue leaking form the combustion chamber­ this is where the extra power is happening. Does the Gapless® ring wear and get larger ring gaps? Yes! However, the design of the ring is such that is spite of this, blow-by is not permitted. Ring life is enhanced with Gapless® ring sets and power output remains consistent throughout the engine life without power or torque loss by growing end gaps. In some high performance high RPM engines, the ring gap of the top ring may in some engine sizes need to be gap orifice tuned to control top ring stability. The Gapless® ring set seals so well that it is necessary in some engine types to tune the top and second rings together to maintain stability. Felpro Oil Pan Gasket Set (includes rear main seal) Fel-Pro® Gaskets are engineered to deliver a perfect seal on every engine. That’s why virtually every NASCAR® Winston Cup and NHRA® Winston Drag Racing team - as well as a vast majority of professional engine rebuilders and vehicle service technicians - choose Fel-Pro over every other gasket brand. Melling Oil Pump Melling has been at the heart of the automotive industry since making its first oil pump in 1947. Now in our sixth decade, Melling manufactures more than three million oil pumps per year. Eagle Specialty Forged Rods Eagle H-Beam 4340 Forged Chromoly Steel Connecting Rods are manufacturered from a two-piece forging process. This process forces the grain into the shape of a connecting rod, resulting in a superior fatigue life. The rod cap is forged separately so that the grain runs perpendicular to the load forces, which strengthens the rod. Eagle include a higher content of nickel & chrome, which increases the strength & fatigue life without making the rod brittle. The silicon bronze bushings are inserted for floating piston pin. Each rod set is packaged in weight matched sets end to end +/-1 gram! Every rod is shot peened to stress relieve the metal. Eagle x-rays, sonic tests and magnafluxs each rod to insure quality. Eagle rods are ready to run, installation instructions & bolt lubricant are included.JE Pistons With over 50-years of experience, JE Pistons is the leader in high performance forged pistons. We've built a reputation that the competition can only follow. JE has a history of manufacturing the highest quality pistons and components that professional engine builders, race teams, and high performance enthusiasts alike trust and rely on. The top engine builders in NASCAR, NHRA, IRL, IHRA, IDRA, PROSTAR and others choose JE Pistons over any other brand. For over 50-years, JE's position at the forefront of performance piston manufacturing has been a result of continuous research and development of unique materials, piston designs and technologies. Utilizing State-Of-The-Art CNC machines for manufacturing along with purpose-designed forgings, JE is able to maintain exacting specifications on each and every piston and hold tolerances to millionths of an inch. Also available from JE is industry-leading processes like Ultra Crown, a Digital Three Dimensional piston crown machining process and Finite Element Analysis (FEA). FEA is a computer process whereby stress and fatigue are tested on a computer model before it goes into production. JE is the only exclusive performance piston manufacturer to earn the QS-9000 quality standard which confirms that JE provides customers the highest standards in quality control. In addition, we also have State-Of-The-Art inspection equipment and testing equipment which enables us to constantly bring you, the customer, the very latest in piston design configurations.

Availability: These are special order engine kits they usually ship 4 to 8 weeks