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Accel 77017
Accel DFI 4.0 Jeep Fuel/Spark Kit with Wiring Harness w/Dual Sync Igntion
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Map Sensor*

Detailed Description

* Runs 11 different ignition configurations
* Has built in data acquisition
* Individual cylinder fuel control with the ability to run low impedance injectors.

Comes with DFI Dual Sync Distributor to supply crank & cam trigger inputs, no external triggers needed also includes a DFI 6A CD ignition box. The DFI programmable engine management technology delivers professional level tuning for multi-stage nitrous, turbos, and supercharged applications. Includes on-board data logging and analysis. Programmable control of shift light output, primary and secondary cooling fans, air conditioner clutch bypass, throttle, RPM and MAP threshold switches, malfunction indicator, and other accessories. Windows-based Calmap calibration software is menu-driven for easy set-up. Kit includes: Dual Sync Dist., DFI 6A Ignition Box, ECM, wiring harness, sensors, Calmap

From ACCEL/DFI - The first company to offer affordable
and programmable EFI systems to the masses
�€� The Only True Aftermarket V/E Based EFI System in its Class.
�€� It Will Run 11 Different Ignition Configurations.
�€� Configurable to Narrow Or Wide Band O2 Sensor Operation.
�€� Offers Built-In Self Diagnostics.
�€� Will operate the fuel injectors in Sequential or Batch Fire Mode.
�€� Individual Cylinder Fuel Control.
�€� Best Transitional Fueling for Unmatched Driveability.
�€� The Only EFI System With Easy To Use Nitrous Power.
�€� Will Support Up To 41 PSI of Boost.
�€� Will operate High or Low Impedance Injectors.
�€� 2 High RPM Over Rev Limiters (Ignition & Fuel)
�€� Built-IN 2 Step REV Limiter.
�€� Controls: Torque Converter, AC Clutch, Radiator Fans and Knock.
�€� Has Shift Light Output.
�€� Lap Top Programmable
�€� The Only System in it's class that can be Upgraded to a PRO Version.
�€� Supported by over 180 Engine Management Installation centers Worldwide.
Visit our Website for a dealer near you.
�€� Comes With Limited Warranty - The competition offers no warranty
�€� For 18 years, ACCEL/DFI has been the leader in EFI Technology.

Q Will the DFI control fuel only on a DIS car?

A Yes, it can be set for fuel only in the CalMap Software and used as a piggy back system. It can even fire random squental to reduce the hydraulic load on the fuel rail.

Q Do I need to buy the CalMap software when I buy an ACCEL/DFI Gen 7.0 System?

A The Gen 7.0 CalMap software is included with your purchase. Updates to the latest revision may be freely downloaded from the Mr. Gasket website by following the Accel/DFI link.

Q Will the Gen 7.0 CalMap software work with my Gen 6.0 ECM?

A NO! The Gen 7.0 is an entirely new platform offering a ground breaking feature set for a very cost-effective price.

Q Can I use the latest version of CalMap software with my older Gen 7.0 module that came with CalMap 2001 software?

A Yes, Accel has worked hard to ensure that the newest software will function with the older boxes. However, some of the newer software features require the latest version of the ECM strategy to support them. You will still be able to configure, calibrate, and datalog with your module. If the performance isn't what you'd like it to be, just go back to using the 2001 software that came with your module, or order an update to your ECM firmware through us your EMIC dealer.

Q There are different versions of CalMap now, like Sportsman and Professional. How do I get these versions?

A You can order an upgrade to your CalMap software from us your EMIC dealer. The Sportsman and Professional versions offer more detailed calibration features, and more sophisticated data logging and analysis functions to enable higher levels of customization for more extreme engine applications.

Q Can I install CALMAP through Windows?

A Yes, the Gen 7.0 version of CalMap requires a Microsoft Windows operating system to function properly. It will function with Windows versions of 95 and higher. For the best results, we recommend using the Windows 98 or 2000 versions.

Q Where can I get wiring diagrams and schematics for the DFI Gen 7.0 system harnesses?

A The new Gen 7.0 CalMap software contains an extensive online help system. From within the CalMap program, press the CTRL and F1 keys at the same time to enter the online drawings area of the program. These can be viewed online, from your computer, and printed out as needed.

Q What type of Personal Computer is required to run the DFI Gen 7.0 version of CalMap?

A For best results, we recommend:

* A PC with an Intel Pentium 2 processor or higher, 400 MHz or faster.

* 800x600 pixels of resolution, 1024x768 recommended.

* 32 MB of free RAM is required, 64 MB recommended.

* 25 MB of hard disk space.

* 1 Free Serial Communication Port, available either COM 1 or COM 2.

Q Where is the best place to purchase an ACCEL DFI system or component?

A Us your authorized EMIC deal. Even if you don't see it listed we can get it.

Q I need a replacement sensor for my DFI system. Can I buy it from you?

A All sensors can be found in the ACCEL catalog. Contact us your EMIC center for the correct sensors. All Gen 7.0 sensors have part numbers with a prefix of 77xxx, except the MAP sensor. For example, the Gen 6.0 used a 3 wire Oxygen sensor, part number 74761, while the corresponding 4 wire sensor for Gen 7.0 is 77761. The same MAP sensor is used for both Gen 7.0 and Gen 6.0 systems, with a part number of 74761.

Q What is the correct place to mount the ACCEL EFI fuel pump?

A All EFI fuel pumps are designed to be gravity fed from the fuel tank. These pumps must be mounted below the fuel level and fed from the bottom of the tank. Failure to do this will eventually lead to pump failure.

Q Is DFI capable of controlling ignition timing?

A Yes. ACCEL offers a complete line of drop-in Dual Synch Distributors for a wide variety of Sequentially injected applications.

Q Can I run low impedance injectors with the ACCEL DFI?

A The new Gen 7.0 DFI was designed to operate with both high and low impedance injectors.

Q I will be using a supercharger or turbocharger on my engine. Can ACCEL DFI be set up to control this engine?

A Yes. ACCEL DFI can be configured for two or three bar MAP sensors. A new calibration must be used with the new MAP sensor. Contact us your EMIC to develop or provide an appropriate calibration for two or three bar operation.